Kicking Metabolism into High Gear with Garcinia and SDF-3

The latest few things to come in hit the heath business are green coffee bean extract and garcinia cambogia. Because of this, the New Life Botanicals are including them as the principal ingredients in their Superfruit Diet Formula.

While they offer garcinia cambogia as a stand alone supplement, this special formula contains several fat-burning ingredients. SDF-3, or more popularly known as the Super Fruit Diet Formula, is a weight loss addition based on the advantages of Dr. Oz’s listed superfruits. Dr. Oz is basically law when it comes to weight loss. In this superfruit list are the benefits needed. Like for African mango is absorbs the fat you eat. His most recommended superfruit for example, the Acai berry is useful for fending hunger pangs and starting your metabolism.

Raspberry Ketone is not another fad, they’ve been running tests on it and have indeed confirmed its burning qualities. Because of this they are adding it to their brand new formula. In his own words, Dr. Oz calls the raspberry ketone a ‘miracle fruit’. Compared to the other superfruits he’s dealt with before, only the raspberry ketone works for any kind of person’s body.

Because of all the supplements and diet crazes, it’s actually hard to find one that actually works. It’s hard not to be skeptical about these things and we don’t blame you. If you are interested, then be sure to check out Dr. Oz’s show-he doesn’t put up any fronts. Any information he gives is research driven and fact based. That’s the reason why we ventured into his superfruit diet and we think you should look into it too.

There’s a reason why Dr. Oz has a huge following. Ever since he appeared on Oprah, he got people’s attention. Eventually he was able to use this to forge his own show. For those interested in watching Dr. Oz’s show, you should ask your local cable operator to find out when it shows. After you watch your first Dr. Oz episode, you won’t doubt him.

That’s how we became long running fans of his and the superfruit diet is just one of the many great discoveries he’s showed us. The initial formula of SDF-3 had colossal results, adding raspberry ketone will surely boost its effects. Fruits have time and time again been used as antioxidants and to help with weight loss it’s no wonder that these formulas work. Another more recent discovery is Dr. Oz’s green coffee bean extract, which like raspberry ketone’s have far burners and boost metabolism .